The Bird of Paradise

Other common names: The Strelitzia Plant

Origin & Growth

The Bird of Paradise is a plant that originates from South Africa. Closely related to the banana plant, the bird of paradise has large, fan-like leaves that make it stand out. Sir Joseph Banks, the director of the royal gardens, gave the plant its scientific name, Strelitzia reginae (which is another name the plant is known by). The plant gets its title by the flower it produces. When the plant blossoms, it forms a flower that is made up of orange and blue petals. When you see the plant at certain angles, it looks as if a tropical bird is flying through the jungle.

With more than 70 different types of species, the plant is not limited to its orange and blue colors. The plant can take on different mutations, such as white petals, which gives it a whole different look.

Bird of Paradise Plant Care

The Bird of Paradise is a plant that likes warm areas. It naturally grows in warm parts of the United States like California, Florida, Texas, and Hawaii. That being said, this plant is great for well-lit, indoor offices. Keep the plant in the sunniest part of the room but make sure it doesn’t get too hot. If heat is an issue, try putting the strelitzia in bright, indirect sunlight. If the leaves start to get yellow, try moving it in more light.

Make sure you keep your Bird of Paradise on a consistent watering schedule. During the spring and summer months, keep the soil moist. When the plant is going through the fall and winter months, let the soil dry in between waterings. Since this plant originates from tropical weather, it grows best in humidity. However, most household humidity will be fine. If the plant starts to wither in the dryer months, it may benefit from intermittent misting. When the plant is well taken care of, it can grow over six feet tall! If you come across any problems with your Bird of Paradise or feeling overwhelmed, feel free to reach out to our plant care specialist. They can help restore, replace, or take care of your strelitzia for you.

Care and Fertilization for the Bird of Paradise Plant

The best way to fertilize your Bird of Paradise is with an all-purpose liquid fertilizer that is diluted to half of the recommended strength. The time to fertilize the plant is in the warmer spring and summer months. When the seasons get colder, we do not recommend fertilizing the bird of paradise. Also, be sure that the roots don’t get too crowded in the garden or pot. This can cause the plant to stop flowering.

Be sure to prune the old leaves off as they appear, especially during the spring. This can help spruce up the plant and help it grow into the new season. If the plant does acquire any pests, we recommend wiping off the leaves with warm soapy water. You could also use sprays but this might damage the finish on the plant’s leaves. Overall, the Bird of Paradise isn’t sensitive to any pests, making this the perfect indoor plant.

Looking to Buy a Bird of Paradise For Yourself?

The Bird of Paradise is a great option for any office since it’s easy to care for and will bring a tropical vibe to your workplace. Get in touch with our plant care specialists today if you have any questions and allow Wasatch Greenscapes to freshen up your office with our plant maintenance program today!