The Chinese Evergreen

Other common names/variations: Aglaonema, Aglaonema Calypso, Aglaonema Cecilia, Aglaonema Golden Bay, Aglaonema Maria, Aglaonema Nicole, Aglaonema Emerald Beauty, Aglaonema Silver Queen, Aglaonema Silver Bay, Aglaonema Romeo, Aglaonema Red Gold.

Origin & Growth

Are you looking for a plant that is both easy to grow and easy to take care of? Well, look no further because the Chinese Evergreen is the plant for your home or office! The aglaonema plant is a designated indoor plant that does well in low to moderate light. Originating from the subtropics of Southeast Asia, the Chinese Evergreen doesn’t need a lot of water to keep its leaves looking green and healthy. When the plant is small, it does really well in small-scale office areas like a desk or conference table. Once the plant grows, you can move it to the corner of the room or beside a couch. People love this plant in their offices because it provides some great benefits which include: 

  • Increasing mood and efficiency
  • Reducing stress and lack of energy
  • Increasing concentration and memory
  • Absorbing harmful toxins in the air

The physical attributes of the Chinese Evergreen include thick, dark green, leather-like leaves that consist of a pattern of white splotches. When your aglaonema is well taken care of it can grow up to 4’ tall. If it turns out your Chinese Evergreen becomes thin or susceptible to any pests or bacteria, feel free to contact our plant care specialists. We are able to help, restore, and nurture your aglaonema plant.

Optimal Growing Conditions for the Aglaonema Plant

The optimal condition to grow your Chinese Evergreen is in temperatures that are above 50 degrees. Anything below 50 degrees can damage the leaves of your plant. Try to keep it out of outside winter drafts and away from direct AC airflows. This plant does well in warmer, stagnant rooms.  

You also do not need to have your Chinese Evergreen in direct sunlight. In fact, low to moderate sunlight will do just fine. If your office does not have any areas with good sunlight, the artificial light in the room will be fine for the plant to grow. Furthermore, the plant prefers regular indoor humidity. The higher the humidity, the better.

Chinese Evergreen Care and Fertilization

Because the Chinese Evergreen is an easy plant to nurture, the fertilization process and choosing the right soil is no headache. The best soil to use for the plant is basic houseplant potting soil that will drain quickly. We recommend that the plant is planted in a small pot so that it is able to dry fast as well to ensure that the roots aren’t regularly wet. Be sure to water the plant regularly with the soil evenly wet. It’s better to allow the top quarter of the soil to dry out before rewatering. If you overwater the plant too much, the stalks will rot and die. Additionally, if you underwater the plant the leaves will turn yellow. The plant doesn’t require fertilizer. If you choose to fertilize your plant, do it about once or twice a year. The best time to do it is in the summer or spring months when it’s warm. We recommend using a general-purpose house plant fertilizer. If the office that the plant resides is humid the plant might develop bacterial diseases such as Leaf Spot. If this is the case for your aglaonema, please give us a call so that we can help you treat your plant. In addition to the plant developing bacteria, it is also susceptible to pests. These pests include Mealy Bugs, Scale, and Aphids.

Want Cleaner Air to Breath for Your Office?

The Chinese Evergreen is the plant for any office decor. What makes this plant perfect for the office is the great mental health benefits it provides to the people it surrounds. What makes this plant even better? You don’t ever have to worry about taking care of it. Our professional plant care specialists can take care of all your plant needs. We offer a plant maintenance program so you can focus on just your business and enjoy your green plants at the same time. Get in contact with us today for a better, cleaner, and greener office!