Cleaner Air

Plants can lower airborne mold and mildew by 50%-60%.

Plants breathe in dirty air and store these pollutants for the lifetime of the plant. They also naturally remove substances such as ammonia and benzene from the air.

Plants stabilize humidity levels, which helps to alleviate allergies and reduces the lifespan of viruses such as Influenza A.

Happier employees, clients and tenants

Plants are aesthetically pleasing.

Plants help to keep the eyes from tiring by reflecting the yellow/green spectrum.

Plants help to absorb sound, which can help to make an area more comfortable.

Plants can be used as appealing room dividers in open-plan offices.

Cost Effective

Office plants can be used as appealing room dividers in open-plan office.

Indoor plants are less expensive than powerful air filter systems.

Plants that are maintained professionally provide high results at relatively low care costs.

Plants increase productivity by reducing stress and promoting physical and mental well-being.