Anxiety and stress are all but uncommon in the work place. Between demanding tasks and tight deadlines it is easy for workers to become overwhelmed. According to Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) 72 percent of people that experience stress and anxiety say it affects their productivity of their everyday lives. Furthermore, the study explains that an average of 50 percent of employees experience issues with performance, coworker relations, and quality of work with heightened stress and anxiety levels. So the question: how can you maintain stress and anxiety levels in the work place?

Green Space and Stress

Office plants have been proven to reduce stress and depression in the work place according to an article by Ambius. A study was done at Washington State where respondent’s blood pressure was actually lowered once plants were placed in a room. Additionally, respondents reported feeling more relaxed. Another study was conducted at the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt’s OPENspace research centre in the United Kingdom. This study found a direct correlation of peoples stress levels related to the amount of green space in their surroundings; more green equals less stress. Both of these studies correlate green spaces to reduce stress and anxiety levels. If plants have this great of an effect, what other benefits can exist in the workplace?

Breathe Easy

Unfortunately offices can contain up to ten times more air pollutants than outside. Surprisingly, plants have the ability to reduce a significant amount of air pollution. Typical air pollutants that are found in an office are mold, dust, carbon monoxide, and chemical cleaning agents. To fight air pollution add a greater amount of plants in your office setting. Fewer pollutants will exist with larger amounts of flowers and plants in an office setting. Plants also are natural humidity stabilizers providing even healthier air to breathe.

Noise Pollution

City and state governments use plants along roadways and highways to combat noise pollution. This principle can be transferred to the office setting! Offices are covered in materials that reflect sound all to well like wood floors. Adding plants will allow common noise distractions to be absorbed more efficiently. Furthermore, plants serve as great dividers between working stations.

The modern office setting is riddled with heightened stress and anxiety levels. Fortunately, there are ways to fight the effects of a stressful day at work. Office plants and desk plants are now becoming a standard for many office spaces. Plants in the work place have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety levels, expel pollutants from the air, and absorb distracting office noises. With benefits such as these why not fill your office with plants?