Home or Office Plant Maintenance

Wasatch Greenscapes’ staff of professional technicians will bring your home, office or lobby to life with beautiful indoor foliage and interior landscaping. Wasatch Greenscapes’ Interior Plant Care Program offers regular office plant service by experienced horticultural technicians. Wasatch Greenscapes offers the best guarantee in the business. We will maintain your interiorscape so that it always looks like new. We want your plants to always look in top condition. Any plant that fails will be replaced at no cost to you.

Holiday Decoration

Whether you envision a traditional motif, a fun and quirky form of celebration, or even a theme expressing a corporate identity: real and fragrant or low-stress and convenient synthetic trees, wreaths or garland can accentuate your indoor landscape. Poinsettias can be used to accent a reception area. Delivered to your clients or tenants, poinsettias make considerate and convenient holiday gifts.

Blooming Plant Rotations

We provide an excellent variety of peace-promoting orchids, bromeliads, chrysanthemums, Azaleas, Kalanchoes, and Cyclamens which are rotated every 1-2 months so your plants remain beautiful and always in bloom. Our Plant Selection Indoor plants will not only make your home or office more comfortable, they will help clean the air, absorb sound and much more.