The largest benefits indoor plants give to your space is that they improve workplace air quality. There are a few ways that plants do this. First way is by taking out the pollutants such as carbon dioxide and formaldehyde out of the air supply. This was a famous study done by NASA and has been duplicated multiple times in showing that air quality had increased. This was due to the bacteria that were on the root of the plants. The bacteria eat the bad gases and disperses the good clean air allowing for quality living conditions and increased feelings of relaxation. And we all could use a little more relaxation, especially during tax season!

Another great benefit is that indoor plants do an excellent job of increasing relaxation levels, a study done in Netherlands showed that workers showed a much higher levels of relaxation compared to those without one. Something as trivial as having an indoor plant can give a huge amount of benefits to your health. Definitely look into getting an indoor plant, like the corn plant pictured below, and it could really add improvement into your life so be sure to deck out your office or home today!