Typically, houseplants are purchased simply for the natural colors and natural feelings they can add to rooms and generally just used to increase the overall interior design of a work-space. But, indoor plants are more useful than just increasing your office design. Indoor plants have a few hidden benefits, and one of the most interesting ones is the increase of creative thinking! Office Plant Creativity Creative ideas are sometimes hard to come by, especially when cooped up in an office all day. Fear no more, indoor plants, trees, and flowers, are here to save the day! According to a research study talked about on Dextronet, plants can boost creativity by 15% or more within the office. This idea might seems a bit foreign because who actually would have thought that indoor plants could increase the creativity of your employees? There is some science behind the discovery and it turns out it some of it has to do with certain colors. The color green is usually associated with productivity, creativity, and action. Think of indoor plants as the green light at the intersection of creativity. Being surrounded by natural green plants enables employees and co-workers to think more freely and enables them to feel like their surroundings are more than just the same old, stale, office they sit in every day from nine to five. Instead, they will feel like the environment is completely new, more inviting, and open for creative thinking. The impact of indoor plants on creativity is significant, especially if your companies deals in marketing, product development, and advertising. Creativity is one of the most important things for employees to have as a character trait and if you can leverage creativity through a few indoor plants, why have you not contacted Wasatch Greenscapes to start the creative train in your office?